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General Information Area - 7.5 sq. km

Altitude - 1458 Metres (4648 ft)

Location - 88 deg. 17 Min. E long and 26 deg. 53 lat.

Population - 42346 (2011-Provisional) 40019 (2001)

Rainfall - 160 inches (Annual)

Best Season September to mid June

Clothing - Summer : Light Woollens Winter : Heavy Woollens

Languages - Nepali, Hindi, Tibetan, English and Bengali

Kurseong Municipality established in the year 1879, Kurseong is a historical town having rich heritage. kurseong is a hill municipality and was declared municipality town before subdivision formation.


Kurseong is a perfect place for people who want to derive the pleasures of being in an alpine surrounding without worrying about higher altitudes and bone-chilling cold weather. Kurseong does not suffer from severe winters and a healthy, comfortable climate is prevalent throughout the year except the monsoon season. It rains non-stop in the rainy season; infact, Kurseong receives the highest amount of rainfall after ‘Cherrapunjee’ in Meghalaya. Ironically, such heavy amount of rainfall is ideal for white orchids that adorn the hill-slopes of Kurseong in abundance. The natural beauty of Kurseong thrives because of the generosity of the rain-gods.

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The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is lovingly called the "Toy Train". The Toy Train ride is a romantic approach to the Himalayas, a mysterious region. The landscape can only be described as spectacular and the

views of the Himalayan peaks breathtaking. The Darjeeling Toy Train is one of the most famous narrow (2 feet ) gauge trains. This joy ride begins at New Jalpaiguri, a busy railway station in the plains.
The plains are much more warmer than the hills and as the train climbs up the mountains the climate gets much colder and pleasant.


Kurseong is nicknamed as "The School Town" due to the emergence of many reputed schools in the town. Like the other hill stations within the District of Darjeeling, Kurseong boasts some renowned

schools established during the British Rule, namely St Helens Convent, Dowhill Girls School, Goethals Memorial School, and Victoria Boys School.
The schools can be classified into 2 distinct groups, namely the English Medium and the Nepali Medium are affiliated to ICSE of Delhi or WBBSE of West Bengal or CBSE of Delhi.


Walking through the small town you can find acres of verdant slopes covered with tea bushes – one of the finest varieties of Darjeeling Tea is found in the tea gardens surrounding Kurseong. The finest teas are produced by

Castleton, Makaibari and Ambootia Tea Estate. Makaibari is the world's first tea factory in 1859.

Tea plantations in Darjeeling although started in the small area initially, later it was extended in the Kurseong area as well. Exporting Tea is one of the biggest revenue of Kurseong.  


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