Municipal Estates

Office Infrastructure:

The Kurseong Municipality has in its jurisdiction one Head office for the execution of its Municipal duties and liabilities through a decentralized planning system. All these buildings need to be renovated, repaired and maintained. Municipality does not have its ward office.

Health Infrastructures:

The Physical asset of Health infrastructure of Kurseong Municipal Area includes 4 health sub centers running in rent. Construction of Health Sub Centers is needed. The other details regarding health are discussed in Component-2.


In Other Municipal Services greeneries, i.e. Parks and playgrounds play a very significant role in enhancing the quality of urban environment. In Kurseong Municipal Area, the Municipality mainly maintains these. These greeneries need to be demarcated and maintained to keep the ecological balance and a healthy atmosphere. These are discussed in detail in the Land-Use Planning

Burning Ghats:

Municipality has two crematoria. There is no burial ground on municipal owned land. There are a couple of burial grounds on land owned and maintained by religious societies / trusts. Improvement of the existing burning ghats and burial ground is necessary to meet up the future demand.

Guest House

Kurseong Municipality has a Guest House which needs up gradation and renovation. Besides this, the Municipal area needs some local community centers. For any urban area, socio cultural and sports activities are also needed for a healthy environment. There is also a need for a stadium and an Indoor stadium.


There are two existing markets in Kurseong Municipal Area. All these existing markets are more than 20-25 years old and are ill maintained. With time, these markets need some additions / extensions also. These markets need to be relocated and rehabilitated.

Slaughter House:

There is one Slaughter house in the Kurseong Municipal Area.


To arrive at the issues related to this field first a stock of asset inventories available with the municipality is compiled as below:

Asset category

Quantity / Capacity

Year of construction / commissioning

Physical condition / state of repairs



No. / capacity

Year of construction / last major repair

Current conditions





Fire station




Slaughter House









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