Poverty Alleviation


The Livelihoods and Poverty Alleviation Plan of Kurseong Municipality, a component of the Draft Development Plan refers to the organisational, operational, coverage and delivery aspect of all the existing Government schemes in the Municipal area which address poverty and livelihood issues.
In line with West Bengal Municipal Act-1993- in 74th Amendments that, it is mandatory for each Urban Local Bodies (ULB) to formulate Draft Development Plan (DDP) in conformity with guidelines slated in DDP manual by KUSP-CMU.
The issue of livelihoods and poverty alleviation basically refers to the organizational, operational, coverage & delivery aspect of all existing Government schemes being operated within this Municipality to respond to the basic needs of targeted BPL community and excluded groups while improving their present social status.This process also emphasizes to incorporate excluded and vulnerable group under various Governments schemes with an eye to bring them into mainstream.
Dating back to1879, the year of establishment of Kurseong Municipality, the ULB has been involved in developmental works in the way of civic infrastructure development and community development as well, but little intervention has been made in the arena of livelihood issues. In addition, it has been identified that absence of proper sustainable planning, inactive committee and inadequate infrastructure are one of the key constraints towards the path of holistic development.
Therefore, in conformity with DDP guidelines- Kurseong Municipality has gathered relevant information pertaining to livelihood and poverty issue within Municipal context by the application of participatory approaches. In this process- all stakeholders’ contribution has been incorporated in this developmental endeavor.
Having been identified major issues with respect to Poverty & Livelihoods Plan- Kurseong Municipality has developed a comprehensive poverty reduction plan with special attention on marginalized and excluded groups towards their economic emancipation.

As per KUSP guidelines following objectives are given below with respect to Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation Plan.

(A) Government Plans/Schemes

  • Strengthening existing institutional structures in the Municipal area created by the Government plans and programmes such as Swarna Jayanti Shaheri Rojgar Yojana (SJSRY), Prime Minister Rojgar Yojana (PMRY), Youth Welfare schemes, schemes for development of minority communities etc.
  • Convergence of all the existing programmes operational in the Municipal area to facilitate livelihoods development for the poor of the area
  • Strengthening the existing community structures viz. the CDS, SHG, NHC, NHG etc. and increasing the coverage, reach and network of these existing community structures.
  • Arrange to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities by identifying innovative micro enterprise opportunities for the self-help groups and for the urban poor in the Municipality.
  • Improving operational transparency of all schemes targeted for poverty alleviation.


(b) Non Plan /Other Initiatives:

  • Planning livelihood programmes by arranging training and supply of tool kits for the excluded groups i.e. homeless, homeless squatters and informal settlers who do not receive benefits from existing government schemes/programmes.
    • To bring the excluded groups within government folds/ existing schemes for proving livelihood options

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