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About the Scheme

(i) This component seeks to provide wage employment to prospective beneficiaries living below the poverty line within the jurisdiction of urban local bodies by utilizing their labour for construction of socially and economically useful public assets. 
(ii) Under this component, there are no restrictions on educational qualifications.
(iii) This programme is implemented only in the urban local bodies having population less than 5 lakh as per the 1991 Census.
(iv) The material labour ratio for construction works under this component is to be maintained at 60:40. 
(v) The prevailing minimum wage rate, as notified from time to time for each area, has to be paid to beneficiaries under this component.

Following schemes are undertaken for creation or maintenance of civic infrastructure

  • Drainage
  • Water supply
  • Social forestry
  • Beautification of parks
  • Canals and river banks
  • Preservation of water bodies
  • Improvement of markets

Creation of marketing outlet for the beneficiaries under Poverty Alleviation Programme


This programme has been taken up for the employment generation of the urban poor as well as improvement and maintenance of civic infrastructure in urban areas by direct engagement of urban poor people without involvement of contractors. The works under this scheme are being executed directly by the ULBs either through Ward Committees or through Community Development Societies. Schemes are also to be identified by the Ward Committees /Community Development Societies. Under this programme following schemes are undertaken for creation or maintenance of civic infrastructure viz. drainage, water supply, social forestry, beautification of parks, canals and river banks, preservation of water bodies, improvement of markets, creation of marketing outlet for the beneficiaries under Poverty Alleviation Programme, construction of house under VAMBAY etc.


Project Details :-

A. Name of the Project: - Municipal USG Pathology Clinic

B. Objectives :- To ensure proper functioning of  RCV’s,T& CG , Ward Committee,


C. Value of the Project: -Cost of building = Rs. 1,50,000.00
Cost of Machine  =Rs   8,50,000.00 ( As per guidelines)

Total              = Rs  10,00,000.00


Fund required – Rs 10,000,00.00 (Rs.10 lakh)


D. Likely start and end dates: - JUNE, 2011 - AUG, 2011


E. Implementation Schedule :-

Name of the Activity

Days Required


 CS Preparation & Work Order Issuing.


Chairman, T.P..O, S.I

Overall work Incharge , Planning, purchasing , Estimates.

20 days


Development Work

20 days


Monitoring & Supervision.

10 days

T.P.O, UPE Cell, BOA,S.I



June 2011

July  2011

Aug -Sept

Sl. No.

Activity / Task Name

Persons Responsible












CS Preparation & Work Order Issuing. & Overall work Incharge , Planning, purchasing , estimate, quotations.

Chairman, E.O.












Development Work













Monitoring & suoervision

Chairman, TPO , SI,











Beneficiaries :-  BPL/SC/ST/EWS and RCV’s, T&CG, HHW,Poor patients, Kurseong Municipality


G. Outputs :- Strengthening Municipal Health services


H. Expected Benefits :- Reduced Infant Mortality Rate, Reduced Maternal Mortality, Poverty Alleviation.

I. Sustainability :- The BOA/ UPE Cell/CDS will monitor the formation as well as regular functioning of the Seva Kendra.


J. Detailed Estimate & Drawings :- Details drawing & estimates are annexed. 


K. Proof of Land ownership if construction is proposed :- Own land of the Municipality.


L. Requirement of fund :-

–          Rs 10,00000.00 (Ten Lakh)


M. Sources of funding :-  West Bengal Urban Wage Employment Scheme            -  Rs. 10.00 Lakhs            ( Ten Lakh only)


N. Details of Approvals/Clearances from the competent Authority, if required :-  Annexed

O. Proposed system for quality Assurance :- Monthly monitoring by the Member, BOA/TPO/SI

P. Details about Public Private Partnership, if proposed : - Building through CDS, under supervision of the ULB.


Q. Monitoring and evaluation system for the Project : - Member BOA will monitor monthly.


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