A partial Sewerage System has been developed for Kurseong town in 1918 for servicing 10 public community latrines and a few houses in Bazaar area more than 736 Nos. of low cost sanitary latrines were constructed to eliminate the removal of night soil by head load an old and obnoxious practice. A central septic tank has been constructed with the technical assistance of Municipal Engineering Directorate at a cost of Rs. 12 crores. The Central Septic Tank has been commissioned at present but only a few wards of Kurseong town has covered this central septic tank besides that the night soil from almost all the houses are going into the open Jhoras which is causing health hazards. The present board of Councillors has prepared a detailed plan and estimate for construction of three more central septic tanks and covering the entire Kurseong town with sewerage line. The plans and estimates have already been submitted to Govt. of India through State Govt. Further keeping with the policy of State Govt. for inclusion of sewerage system the survey work of Kurseong Municipality has been completed and the scheme has been submitted to Municipal Affairs Deptt. through Municipal Engineering Directorate. It is hoped that the fund will be sanctioned in 2007-08 so that the whole town will be covered by the scientific method of Liquid Waste Management.


Present Status of Household latrine


Household Type Percentage covered


3200 Nos

Septic Latrine (Pucca)




Night Soil type (Kutchha)






(Source: As per ILCS Survey)


Asset category

Quantity / Capacity

Year of construction / commissioning

Physical condition / state of repairs

Collection network Length according to diameter and material Year of laying Present condition
Pumping stations No. & capacity When constructed Present condition of structure and pumps



Treatment Plant

Rated vs. actual capacity

Year of construction

Type of treatment


    Structural and other conditions
Collection network Collection equipment for septic tanks, drains 71.78 kms Natural: trained / untrained
Hydraulic truck 407 D & 207 D 2 Nos. Year of Commissioning 20.03.2007 Conditions: Capacity vs. Requirement. Condition :



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