Sewerage Scheme

In pursuance to the telephonic conversation with you the undersigned would like to submit the Detail report on Sewerage Scheme within Kurseong Municipality area.


As this Municipality have no proper Sewerage System within Kurseong Town and the people are facing inconvenience due to hygienic problem. At present only about 10 % of the total area of Municipality has been covered by sewerage lines with one small Septic Tank situated below By-Pass Road in Kurseong. After repeated demand to the Govt. for implementation of Sewerage System within Municipality area, the Govt. has sanctioned the Project during the year 2006 and the Memorandum of Agreement in between the Govt. and the Chairman of Kurseong Municipality was done on 28-08-2006 for the Project Cost of Rs.12.52 Crores after making physical survey & layout plan which has been prepared with the Technical Assistant of the Chief Engineer, Municipal Engg. Directorate, Kolkata.


The following are the physical aspects of the Project.

a)         Estimated Cost Value of the Project                               ---        12.52 Crores.
b)         Area covered under this Project                                     ---        5.50 Sq. Km.
c)         Length of Sewerage line                                                ---        27 K.M.
d)         No. of Sewerage Treatment Plant (Big type)                  ---        2 Nos.
e)         No. of Sewerage Treatment Plant (Medium type)           ---        3 Nos.
f)         Amount released by the Govt. till date                           ---        3.13 Crores.

G.O. No. & Date

Central Share
in Rs.

State Share
in Rs.

Total Amount
Received. in Rs.


SUDA-198/2007 (Part-I) / 1791
Dt. 13-11-2009




Deposited at S.B.I. on


g)         Amount of work order issued for Const. of S.T.P.           ---        5.00 Crores.
h)         Amount of work order issued for Purchase of Pipes        ---        Nil.


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