Property Tax & Assessment

This department mainly deals with deed of settlement, mutation, partition or subdivision of property, collection of property TAX. It assesses tax on rental or cost of construction basis, depending on the size of the holding. For fixing of property tax, location aspect is also taken into account. Valuation is done on the basis of the rules and regulations framed up by the Central Valuation Board from time to time.

Property Tax and Assessment department at a glance:

Total No of Holdings


Total No of Residential Holdings


Total No of Commercial Holdings



Function/Activity : Assessment, Interim Assessment, Correction of Record, Mutation(Full and Separation) , Amalgamation
Address/Location : Kurseong Municipality
Forms used in the Department : Mutation Form, Assessment/Amalgamation Form
Certificate issued by the Department : Mutation Certificate, Certified true copy of assessment register, Amalgamation certificate
Procedure to fill the form : Stated in the Specific Forms

Monitoring Mechanism of the Department:

  • Collect forms from the Department.
  • All due taxes must be cleared before submission of documents.
  • Then the documents will be scrutinised by the concerned department.
  • Party will deposit mutation fees as per norms.

Citizen services provided by the Department As normal Procedure quoted in Citizen Charter

  • Xerox copy of the invoice of the present Municipality Tax (and Water Charge if applicable/required).
  • The xerox copies of the deed of the buyer and the seller (if required) are to be submitted. The Deed No. must be visible.
  • In case of bigger plot under Municipality the xerox copy of the master plan design must be submitted.
  • The approved design of plan must be submitted in case of houses bought.
  • The conversion certificate of the land and the Parcha of the RSOLR must be submitted.
  • If the Seller is selling the land in form of power of Attorney then that power should be a registered one and the xerox of the same must be produced.
  • In case of Amalgamation of Holdings two copies of site plan with its areas identified with specified colors must be submitted along with the xerox of the deed and the invoice of the municipality tax. And declaration must be deposited upon non-judicial stamp.
  • In case of legal heir, the original affidavit issued by a 1st Class Magistrate must be submitted along with the proof of death.
  • Affidavit may be required in special cases.
  • Valuation certificate will be required in case of the partition deed.
  • For certified true copy of assessment register an application should be made on an A-4 paper and must be submitted along with the invoice of Municipal Tax

Information necessary for new holding:

  • The xerox copies of the deed of the buyer and the seller (if required) are to be submitted. The Deed No. must be visible.
  • Parcha of the CSRSLR must be submitted. Name of the buyer must be there.
  • Character of the land must be stated clearly.
  • The details location plan of the proposed area must be submitted in the form of Site plan. It must contain the signatures of the owner as well as the planner.
  • If the house is at the proposed area then the xerox of the certificate along with the designed plan must be submitted.
  • Xerox copy of the invoice of the municipality tax paid by the holding number of the house residing nearby the proposed area must be produced with showcasing the position of the house in the site plan.
  • In all cases the documents will be collected between 11:00 A.M and 2:00 P.M.



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